A Second Helping of Hannibal

Beth and Matt, two siblings who are obsessed with Hannibal, chat about their latest rewatch. Spoilers abound.

Hosted ByBeth Unger and Matt Unger

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S3 E7 – Digestivo (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Alana and Margot’s motivations, Hannibal’s Zephyrish position, The Shining (again), and Coma. Matt also describes his Face/Off rewatch experience and tries to make a case for Death Laid an Egg.

S3 E7 – Digestivo (Part 1)

Wherein Beth and Matt try to discuss this episode without saying “isn’t this great” about everything. Plus: Chiyo Ex Machina. 

S3 E6 – Dolce (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss elevator fights, melting butter, and revisit Will’s “before and after” line. Matt also reports on his transubstantiation research. Nice links: Ip Man elevator fight...

Bonus Episode: Three Neo-Noirs

Between Hannibal discussions, Beth and Matt recorded this little chat about Brian DePalma’s Blowout, Arthur Penn’s Night Moves, and Ivan Passer’s Cutter’s Way.

Bonus Episode: Harpsicord v. Piano

In this bonus chat, harpsichordist extraordinnaire, Andrew Appel, joins Beth and Matt to discuss Hannibal’s preference for the harpsichord (as expressed in S3 E5 – Contorno), the “Goldberg Variations,” pigs in blankets, and keyboard anatomy.

S3 E5 – Contorno (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss rewatching A Clockwork Orange through the Hannibal lens, Hannibal’s tacky shirt, North by Northwest, and Alana’s performative table-setting.

S3 E5 – Contorno (Part 1)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss the preponderance of windows, pappardelle sulla lepre, King Kong, A Clockwork Orange, the verdict on defenestration, continued confusion about Chiyo, Jack’s whimsical mistake, and the labor of the snails.

S3 E4: Aperitivo (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss defenestration, Pazzi and the Pope, Three Kings, Jaws, and the Chiltonian wardrobe.

S3 E4: Aperitivo (Part 1)

Wherein Beth and Matt address Ssssss, “The Body,” Will simplifying his life. They also attempt to discuss Bella without weeping.