A Second Helping of Hannibal

Beth and Matt, two siblings who are obsessed with Hannibal, chat about their latest rewatch. Spoilers abound.

Hosted ByBeth Unger and Matt Unger

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S3 E3: Secondo (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss fireflies, snail sex, Bad Ronald, and birds, birds, birds.

S3 E2: Primavera (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss the real Il Mostro at length, the differences between the final scene in Mizumono vs. the opening of Primavera, and Shazam and Isis.

S3 E1: Antipasto (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss giallo at some length, make a few movie recommendations, and serve up some Divine Comedy for dessert.

S3 E1: Antipasto (Part 1)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss the start of Season 3, trips to Italy, giallo, snails, and oysters. 

S2 E12: Tome-Wan

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Bedelia’s posture and Winston’s sobriety. Part one of a two-part discussion.

S2 E11: Kō No Mono

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Shiva, Dead Ringers, Will’s ever-evolving feelings, and The Ortolan Continuum. Nice links: Dead Ringers Invasion of the Body Snatchers Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Movie)...

S2 E9: Shizakana

Wherein Beth and Matt explore an infinite loop of possible motivations behind Hannibal sending Randall to Will. We’re riddled with questions.

S2 E8: Su-Zakana

A very Nietzschean episode, wherein Beth and Matt welcome their first-ever guest, the Season 2 enthusiast, Kayla! We’ll discuss Will’s inverted hero’s journey, Hannibal’s genuine WTF moment, and trout!

S2 E7: Yakimono – Part 2

Wherein Beth and Matt go full Room 237 on the Will and Jack plan, and air their only real complaint (it’s Alana-related).