A Second Helping of Hannibal

Beth and Matt, two siblings who are obsessed with Hannibal, chat about their latest rewatch. Spoilers abound.

Hosted ByBeth Unger and Matt Unger

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S1 E12: Relevés

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss The Cask of Amontillado, Beverly’s absence, Jack’s assholery, Burnt Offerings, Nashville, and whether the chicken is chicken.

S1 E11: Rôti

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Chilton’s tiny ladder, ku daal, pani puri, The Untouchables, High Anxiety, Blue, and Montaigne’s letters. Also, does Hannibal understand his trajectory?

S1 E10: Buffet Froid

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Cotard, Capgrass, Iberico ham, the body transfer illusion, Sour Grapes, and the name Sutcliffe.

S1 E9: Trou Normand

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Invasion of the Body Snatchers, In Cold Blood, Aliens, and the difference between stunt casting and meta-casting.

S1 E8: Fromage

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss rambutans, theremins, Folie à deux, and The Sopranos. Also, the longest discussion to date about a single line of dialogue.

S1 E6: Entrée (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss why we watch horror, choke holds, psychic driving experiments and the CIA, St. Sebastian, and asking why Netflix or someone won’t just pick up season 4 already. 

S1 E6: Entrée (Part 1)

Wherein Beth and Matt recap the episode and discuss The Godfather II, psychic driving basics, and delicious ways to eat tongue.

S1 E5: Coquilles

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss completist compulsions, insomnia, Buffy, and whether it’s possible to introduce a civilian to Hannibal with one well-chosen episode.

S1 E4: Oeuf

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss how to ruin a good bag of mushrooms, Hannibal’s hyper-competence, how Alana is right for the wrong reasons, and the show’s external and internal fandoms. We do discuss a pretty difficult personal topic, but we give fair warning.