A Second Helping of Hannibal

Beth and Matt, two siblings who are obsessed with Hannibal, chat about their latest rewatch. Spoilers abound.

Hosted ByBeth Unger and Matt Unger

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S2 E7: Yakimono – Part 1

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss whether the game is afoot, Chilton’s complaint, and touch the third rail that is Alana.

S2 E5: Mukozuke – Part 2

Part 2, wherein Beth and Matt discuss Vertigo, at length, and puzzle over why Hannibal thinks life is precious.

S2 E5: Mukozuke – Part 1

Part 1, wherein Beth and Matt have an orderly chat about Gideon and Hannibal’s tête-à-tête.

S2 E4: Takiawase

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Will’s changing attitudes, Videodrome, and The Snake Pit.

S2 E3: Hassun

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Will’s good lawyer, Freddie’s outfit, and why Hannibal needs Jack in the FBI.

S2 E2: Sakizuke

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss what the eye mural really means.

S2 E1: Kaiseki

Wherein Beth and Matt dig into a single line: “I’m not talking to you Frederick. I want to talk to Dr. Lecter.” 

S1 E13: Savoureux (Part 2)

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss Daphne de Maurier, good therapy, and Burnt Offerings.

S1 E13: Savoureux (Part 1)

Wherein Beth and Matt discussed the non-murder of the week, Wendigo paper towels, and Daphne de Maurier.